Employee Productivity Improvement Tips For The Workplace

The level of effort and outputs by individuals is a key element in making productivity improvement gains within teams. However you need to take a high-level view and look at how groups of individuals can work together better. Here I’ll show you some suggestions you may not have considered for improving productivity across teams.

The first stage to consider is the specialization of employees activities. Over specialization can actually be an impact on productivity. If you consider how a small business strategy uses multi-tasking individuals (usually out of this necessity) it means there are fewer work activity bottlenecks since a broader range of people can step in to work on tasks. Apply this at company level by training up staff in different activities to reduce the redundancy levels.

productivity improvementProductivity improvement gains can also be achieved through greater worker involvement. Simply by allowing people more control over the planning and decision-making process (i.e. through more collaborative management techniques) you will notice workers are more motivated and diligent about completing tasks.

Productivity is also a direct factor of how effective communications are within the company. At its best it should be direct two-way communication, no matter what level of employees are communicating. This can help highlight issues, innovative concepts or operational problems more rapidly and result in them being resolved promptly.

All employees would like to think that the rewards they get from bonuses or promotions are directly related to the level of effort they put in during the year. The key to this is making sure your job promotion/performance guidelines are well communicated to staff and fairly distributed based on work output/effort.

Finally don’t forget that the office environment effects productivity improvement gains indirectly. All workers will feel more motivated and become more focused in a safe, clean and healthy environment within which to work.

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