Enjoying Past WB TV Shows On DVD

Some of the most memorable shows in the past two decades came from the WB and while the network no longer exists after merging with UPN to become the CW, you can still relive or experience for the first time many of their popular series with DVD box sets.
One Tree Hill is one of the few shows that survived the merger and this little show that nobody thought would survive its first season is now in its 8th season. You can get One Tree Hill Seasons 1-7 on DVD, but you will have to wait until the show ends for good before getting a complete box set.  This show has a little of everything in it.

One Tree Hill Seasons 1-7 on DVDLove triangles, sports and music are almost in every episode.  In fact, if you are looking for new music to discover watching episodes of the show is a great way to do so.  They have helped spark interest in quite a few indie groups and singers and have included some of them in their storylines.  Sheryl Crow, Gavin Degraw, Tyler Hilton, and Fall Out Boy are just a few of the groups that have made appearances over the years.
Another favorite from the WB is Gilmore Girls.  This show starring Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham became known for a fast paced dialogue between a mother and her teenage daughter.  Over the years different guys entered their life, but the one thing that remained strong, although it was tested a couple of times, was their relationship.  This show can be enjoyed by both mothers and daughters and unlike One Tree Hill, you can pick up all of the seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD in one complete box set.  Other characters in the town can be a little quirky, as can the main characters, but you will certainly fall in love with these characters and the town they live in.
Of course, there were other popular series like 7th Heaven, Everwood and many more that you can check out and enjoy on DVD.

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