How Fragile Are Ceramic Braces?

Patients who schedule a consultation with an orthodontist about getting braces are usually concerned about the cost of the braces and the choice of material used for the braces. After asking how much does Invisalign cost with insurance compared to the cost of snap on smile as a option for temporarily changing the appearance of misaligned teeth, patients presented with the option of getting ceramic braces want to know how fragile they are compared with other materials.

Ceramic braces are durable when properly cared for and are a stronger choice than plastic braces. Under certain conditions they can sustain a fracture if extremely high energy is exerted against them, but they are considered a stronger material for use in braces than either plastic or metal. This is largely due to the fact that they resist becoming deformed while doing their job although they can in fact break or chip given the right amount of pressure.

ceramic braces

ceramic braces

Their resistance to becoming deformed is just one of the advantages of choosing ceramic braces. They are not adversely affected when the patient consumes hot food or beverages as plastic braces are. Ceramic braces do not absorb food dyes or stains so the patient can drink red wine or other food items without worrying about the braces becoming discolored. Because ceramic braces can be designed to be completely clear, they are almost invisible when being worn. Many patients prefer the attractive look of clear ceramic braces versus having a mouth full of silver metal and wires associated with traditional braces.

When compared to either plastic braces or metal braces, ceramic braces are a much stronger choice because they are highly resistant to becoming deformed from the pressure exerted on them when the patient eats or from the flexing motion of the orthodontic wire. Under heavy pressure ceramic braces can break, but they should not be considered as fragile under regular wear.

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