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It is undeniable that there are people who just can eat everything but don’t gain weight. There are others who, on the other hand, easily gain weight even they eat far less than the others. This is the same thing that could happen in gaining muscles as well. Others spend so much time toning their muscles and others can simply just get muscles so easily.

Genetics play a major role in determining these changes and most of the time it affects your diet and exercises in gaining a toned and impressive physique…

mesomorph body types

mesomorph body types

Let us talk about the 3 different body types -ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. To understand and see more about all these three will simply help you know yourself and others why different aspects of diet and workout seemed harder.

Mesomorph –

Let us talk about the best body type. This is known to be the luckiest among the three and if you got this body, you are so blessed! They are simply called the prototypical athlete, fitness model type and the bodybuilder body type. Where the ectomorph body type and the endomorph body type have a positive and/or negative end, the mesomorph has the best and the greatest advantages of both. They develop muscles almost the same as an endomorph and yet they can lose fat fast almost as well as an ectomorph.

ectomorph body types

ectomorph body types



– People who belong to this groups are mostly recognized as the skinny body type. Unlike mesomorph and the endomorph, the ectomorph is the kind of body type that has probably been very thin their entire life not because of a planned diet or a great fitness training but because they are born with an incredibly fast metabolism. Eating anything almost all the time is not going to affect their figure.


endomorph body types

endomorph body types




– Most people don’t like endomorph body types. It is simple called the fat body type. These are the kind of people who could eat less than what an ectomorph or mesomorph would but still could get that much of a weight. The endomorph is called the naturally “big boned” people and has what most people think as a body that is roundly shaped. It has that tendency to become fat all the time. A rigid and strict fitness training might help but people under this category must  a high discipline with what they eat and how they are eating them.

These body types will be more exposed to you when you join a fitness club and even discuss further about how they can affect you.


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