The Appeal Of Channel Island Holidays In Static Caravans

The idea of a holiday to the Channel Islands is very appealing for many UK residents for many reasons. The Cannel Islands comprise of the islands of Jersey and Guernsey and are actually much closer to the coast of France than the UK despite thin they remain part of the United Kingdom and therefore the main language spoke there is English. The fact that they are closer to France than the UK also means that the weather there is much fairer than in mainland UK. Ye combination of fairer weather and English language speaking people are just two of the reason why the Channel Islands are so appealing for mainland UK residents.

The main issue that prevents people from going on holiday is one of cost. The Channel Islands are expensive to get to – because you either need to fly of go by boat – and they are also expensive when you get there because most of their food is imported. All in all the Channel Islands can be an expensive place to go on holiday to.

static caravan Jersey

static caravan Jersey

One way that you can cut the cost of a holiday to Guernsey or Jersey is to stay in self catering accommodation. Priced on a per night basis if there are a few of you going you can stay for very little money and can work out significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel. One of the best forms of accommodation that you can hire is static caravans as this type of accommodation strikes the perfect balance between cost and comfort. Try searching for “static caravan Jersey” and you will be amazed as the number of caravan on offer. Staying in self catering accommodation will mean that you still have to buy your own food and although expensive it will work out much cheaper than eating in a hotel or restaurant because you can choose the food you eat.

Channel Islands National Park

The five remarkable islands of Channel Islands National Park preserve a part of California many visitors thought had long vanished. This isolated maritime sanctuary of natural and human history is a short boat ride from the urban cities of Southern California. The environment provides a serene habitat for many species of birds, marine mammals, wildlife, and plants – plus archeological sites that mark nearly 13,000 years of human presence.

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Channel Islands Berlitz Pocket Guide

The Berlitz Pocket Guide to the Channel Islands has been fully revised and updated and provides all the information you need to enjoy these islands of natural beauty. Clear colour-coded sections enable you to locate the information you need easily and full colour fold-out maps provide instant orientation wherever you are. The most popular attractions are highlighted and include the charming towns of St. Helier and St. Peter Port, and the idyllic beaches of St. Ouen’s Bay, Moulin Huet Cove and Shell Beach. Dedicated chapters cover each island of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, providing great ideas for day trips. The Channel Islands have a long and fascinating history, all of which is explored within the ‘History’ section, along with a timeline of historical landmarks for quick reference. Tax-free shopping, sports and children’s activities are also covered, as well as a calendar of events detailing festivals, concerts and commemorative dates, ensuring you don’t miss out

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Islands Apart: A Year on the Edge of Civilization

Author Ken McAlpine stands in his front yard one night in Ventura, California, trying to see the stars. His view is diminished by light pollution, making it hard to see much of anything in the sky. Our fast-paced, technologically advanced society, he concludes, is not conducive to stargazing or soul-searching. Taking a page from Thoreau’s Walden, he decides to get away from the clamor of everyday life, journeying alone through California’s Channel Islands National Park. There, he imagines, he might be able to “breathe slowly and think clearly, to examine how we live and what we live for.”

In between his week-long solo trips through these pristine islands, McAlpine reaches out to try to better understand his fellow man: he eats lunch with the homeless in Beverly Hills, sits in the desert with a 98-year-old Benedictine monk, and befriends a sidewalk celebrity impersonator in Hollywood. What he discovers about himself and the world we live in will inspire anyone who wishes they h

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