Create Your Own Homemade Tiki Torches

Have you ever thought about creating your own homemade tiki torches? Most people opt for the simple option of buying their tiki torches from a store. However, it can actually be quite fun making your own and they can potentially save you money too.

How to Create Your Own Tiki Torches

The first step to creating your own tiki torch is to decide what color you would prefer it to be. Choose something that suits the theme of your patio. The goal of patio lighting is to enhance the atmosphere and blend in with the style of the home. Once you know which color you want, buy some spray paint and duct tape.

homemade tiki torches

homemade tiki torches

You will need a PVC pipe to make the shaft of the torch. Typically this should be around 1 ½ inches. If you are struggling to find PVC piping then take a look in the plumbing section at your local home store. You will need to use a hacksaw to cut the pipe into four feet sections.

The next step is fairly simple. Find empty 6 oz and 10 oz cans. Make sure that you completely remove the top lid of both cans. Color them with the spray paint that you purchased and then leave them to dry.

Using a screwdriver, place a hole in the bottom of the 6oz can. Thread a wick through the hole. Next place the 10oz can on top of the PVC pipe. Wrap duct tape around the bottom of the can and then attach it to the pipe with the duct tape too. Finally place the pipe in a planter filled with either sand or pebbles. Fill the 10oz can with tiki torch fuel and then place the 6 oz can with the wick facing down on top of it. Leave it for half an hour before you light the torch.

This is just one way to create your own torch. When lighting tiki torches you should be really careful. Homemade tiki torches can save you a little money and they are fun to create.

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