Knowing the Characteristics of a Quality Irish Linen

Irish linens are considered the world’s most popular fabric. Do you know why? It is because of the value that they possess in being the top rated quality fabric across the globe.

What are the Characteristics of Quality Linens?

Quality linens are known for certain specific features they hold. This includes their popularity, market rating, credibility, uses and benefits. Let us consider perusing these qualities innate of Irish linens.


Quality linens are chosen by most consumers. Quality is usually proportionate to price, although not always true. Top selling linens are those that became more famous and beneficial for whatever purpose or use.


When it comes to referrals the credibility of the manufacturer is almost always at stake. More people are enticed to purchasing from trusted suppliers with proven quality and affordable price. It takes some time to establish a name so by the time the maker’s reputation is known, it is highly critical to maintain such standing.


Irish Linen

Irish Linen

Often when we talk of reliability it refers to how useful or beneficial the product is to consumers. This denotes the uses and purposes that are intended for the production of the fabric. In this case, linens are widely used in many industries, residential and business areas alike.

You can find quality linens vastly used in hotels, restaurants, residential and commercial kitchens, and big transportation like ships and airplanes. They are utilized either as tablecloths or as seat covers. There are also linens used in bedrooms as bed covers as well as blankets. Some rooms even have linen curtains or furniture covers.

How to Maintain Linens

Maintenance of linens involves proper laundering, drying, ironing and storing.

Linens can easily be laundered as stains are easily removed on account for the fabric’s natural luster. Linens can be washed with ordinary soaps and water. When planning to use a bleaching agent, it is highly recommended that it shall not be used in colored linens so that the fabric will not suffer from color fading. Wetness makes linen stronger, so repeated laundering is not a hitch.

Drying linens is more effective when carried out under the sun or on air. Over dry linens make no good fabric.

Ironing is easier when linens are damp. Wrong side is ironed first, then right side last.

Store linens in rolled positions and away from any kind of heat. This shall uphold the original look of the linens.

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