Popular Choices For Valances For Wide Windows

Window treatments can add the finishing decorative touches to any room. Valances for windows were commonly used in Victorian décor, but these days the variety of styles and patterns available make them appropriate for all interior designs. Unlike panels that cover the windows from top to bottom, valances only run across the uppermost part of the window. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments like shades, blinds or curtains. The most popular types of valances for window treatments are balloon, swag and scarf valances.

The balloon valance for windows puffs out, or ‘balloons’ out, creating a full impression. There can be a single bump or several smaller bubbles across the length of the curtain. They are generally made of light cotton material to keep the bubbles of the balloons rounded. Some people stuff wads of paper towels inside the curtains to keep them puffy and even. Balloon valences for windows make a more formal appearance, and work well in an elegant dining or living room.

valances for wide windowsSwags are commonly used in kitchens, but are also a popular choice for bedrooms and other rooms in the house. This type of valance for windows has a straight piece in the middle and tapers down on either side until it reaches to at least the bottom of the window. It can be made of most any fabric, and is rarely used alone. The combination of the swag with tiers provides privacy while still letting sunlight in.

Scarf valences for windows add an elegant touch to the room. They are similar to the swag valance, but made with lightweight, sheer materials. The material is frequently wrapped around the curtain rod and draped in a stylish manner. The scarf often touches the floor, at least on one end. Scarf valances are common valances for wide windows in the living room and bedrooms, and add a touch of class and style.

Valances for windows can be purchased online or at any number of department stores. The options of styles and sizes are endless, and can be found in any price range from discount to designer. Even windows that are historically difficult to cover, like bay windows, can benefit when using valances for window treatments. Valances are the perfect choice to help enhance the look and feel of any room.

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