Dengar And The 6209 Slave I LEGO Star Wars Figure Set

LEGO Star Wars Figure

LEGO Star Wars Figure

The Star Wars LEGO Dengar is a 4 piece minifig that came out twice. Once in 2006 and once in 2011. He has a white wrap around his head as in the film, he has arms that are gray, his torso is brown with painted controls on the front and he comes with a huge blaster that has an orange tip. The 6209 Slave I LEGO Star Wars Figure Set comes with 5 minifigs including Dengar and it was released in 2006. It comes with 537 pieces.

Though it was a bit antiquated and seemingly in need of major updates, the Slave I was not exactly the space ship you hoped to see if you may have an enemy that might have to the nerve to hire and send a bounty hunter after you. Boba Fett and his son Jenga Fett used this constantly worked on and upgraded ship to track down their prey and ship them back to the people they worked for. The Slave I is not only well equipped to keep up with and track down other vessels, it is also loaded with munitions such as blasters, bombs and projectile launchers that really come alive in full movement in this 6209 Slave I LEGO Star Wars Figure set.

There are many LEGO Star Wars Figure collectors out there that purchase these pieces only to keep them packaged, hoping they will gather worth over time. Then there are those fans that can’t wait to be able to put their LEGO sets together and bust out their figures to recreate scenes from the movies. The best way to enjoy reenacting these scenes to the fullest, is by getting to know your figure inside and out. The rest of this article is dedicated to helping you get to know Dengar, and the life he lived in the Galaxy.

Denegar also known as, Payback, was a very good friend and working partner with Boba Fett. Like Boba Fett, Dengar too was a bounty hunter and prior to becoming to his becoming a bounty hunter, he was a racer. It just so happened that Han Solo was a racer during his time as well and during a race in which the two met and competed, a tragic accident occurred and brought Dengar’s racing career to an abrupt end and left Dengar very badly wounded. Though Dengar was the cause of his own accident, he placed the blame on Han Solo. This led to a vendetta that would last an extremely long time. Dengar was stitched together by the Empire and given electronics in his brain which changed many of his emotions. From that point on, pure hatred was about all that burned inside Dengar, until later in his life when he meets a woman that would change his life and that he’d marry.