The Streetwear Clothing Statement

Punks not dead… maybe so, but another fashion statement is about share the spotlight with the punk look, and that is—streetwear clothing! Not to be confused with the regular ‘hip hop’ look, streetwear fashion is a little less loud and a little more casual! If the hip hop fashion makes you think of the ‘rapper’ look, then streetwear clothing should make you think of the ‘skateboarder’ or ‘surfer’ look. With its cool designed shirts and vintage shoes, you can be expressive and still remain conservatively casual!

But just when exactly did this fad start? The fashion statement was said to have started during the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s. A popular name behind the surfer/skateboarder fashion craze is Shawn Stussy. Stussy was the local surfboard shaper of the Laguna beach. His logo which was first only found on the surfboards was translated into t-shirts. This has caught the attention of many and the streetwear fashion was born! The style that primarily started in California made its way across the USA and eventually took over more countries across the world!

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